Attention: Creative Arts Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Is now the time for you to step forward and build the business you’ve been dreaming of?

Do you want the support of a group of creative entrepreneurs who are invested in your success, and to be invested in theirs?

From the studio of Morna McEver
Maryland, USA

Hello Creative Arts Entrepreneurs:

One of the reasons I’ve been able to build the incredible and rewarding business I have today is the investments I’ve made in mastermind programs. There is truly nothing like feeling a part of others’ success and having them be a part of yours.

It seems that more of the people who follow me are starting to really understand that working together with other creative arts professionals, rather than focusing on the competition between us, is the way to succeed more quickly. I’m truly delighted by this because I’ve seen this happen in my own business and those of my clients, and I want to continue to share this with a larger group of creative entrepreneurs. That’s a large part of what drew me to offer this program.

I love working with creative people to help them get their gifts out into the world. 

I recently held my fifth annual Creative Arts Business Summit. Women and men from all across North America joined me to learn more about building and marketing their businesses. It was an exciting, rewarding and fun adventure for all who attended.

One of the many things I shared with the people who were with me was something I created several years ago — the  Creative Arts Business Academy. I’ve been delighted at the response to it, and today is your opportunity to apply to be a part of it.

This is a robust program that offers many benefits, including the following:

Three 2-Day Live Group Retreats for masterminding and content teaching with Morna

These events will revolve around implementation to take your business to the next level and will include your systems and processes, your people, and your products. The in-person events gives you the opportunity to stay aligned with your vision, clarify your strategy – and accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could! You’ll leave each retreat with your own customized 90-day Action Plan.You are welcome to bring 1 partner/spouse/key employee to all meetings for a one-time additional fee of $997. The retreats are held at a private retreat center in Maryland mountains in June, September and December. (Value: $6,500)

Ten Monthly GROUP Laser Coaching / Q&A PHONE meetings (and recordings of calls) to keep you on track

Get some personal focus on your business and have your questions about your business and marketing answered by Morna each month. (Excluding August & December.) (Value: $3,000)

Ten Monthly Training Sessions (and recordings): increase your business knowledge + get your creative juices flowing

Get valuable insight on business best practices, growth and marketing strategies, and technical support from Morna each month. Trainings to include topics such as using video and various forms of social media. (Excluding August & December.) (Value: $5,000)

Four 30-minute coaching calls, one per quarter

Designed to help you set and stay on track with your goals or to deal with any challenges you have. (Value: $1600)

Four “Need it Now” Calls for that time you are stuck or need help at the last minute

These can be invaluable, since when you are at your most emotional or vulnerable, you end up making poor decisions. Or you just end up in analysis paralysis because you stew over what to do. (Value: $800)

A ticket to the Creative Arts Business Summit 2017

That’s right, at next year’s Creative Arts Business Summit your ticket will be on Morna! (Value: $1,500)

Exclusive Private Forum on Facebook for all Mastermind members

To communicate, brainstorm and give each other resources and encouragement throughout the year. (Value: $997)

Daily or Weekly “Accountability Buddy Calls”

For staying on track with your marketing strategy and implementation plan. (Value: $997)


Each Monday, Morna will send you something that starts your week off right helping you to create maximum success in your business. (Value: $1,000)

Complimentary access to other programs

Throughout the year Morna expects to offer other shorter-term programs. You will automatically receive entry as a member of the Creative Passion to Profit Academy Mastermind Program. (Value: $800)

Bonus Success Tools

Total Real Value: more than $22,000

See what Creative Arts Business Academy participants have to say about their masterminding experience in the below video.

Here are just a few testimonials from our Academy members.

Daphne Greig headshot“I highly recommend the Mastermind if you want to see big changes in your business and your life.”

I have definitely put my business on a better path after being part of the Mastermind for the past 2 years.

I joined the Mastermind just after I bought out my business partner and I was not sure how I would go forward as the sole owner. For the first few months I operated in a very scattered way. But when I joined the Mastermind I learned to developed systems for many recurring tasks. This allowed me to focus on what I love best – designing, writing and publishing patterns. I published more patterns that year than the company had in the previous 3 years!

The sharing of other members has been a great benefit to me. I have learned more about social media, ways to stay connected to my customers and fans. This has resulted in increased sales of patterns and invitations for teaching engagements.

I really feel that I have more balance in my life now. I have specific goals and ways to track my progress. I can spend more time with family and friends, including scheduling a regular golf outing with my girlfriends each week.

Morna has so much knowledge, is continually learning new ways to approach our creative arts businesses and so willing to share this knowledge to help us be successful. I highly recommend the Mastermind if you want to see big changes in your business and your life.

Daphne Greig, Author, Designer, Teacher

Rhonda Pierce headshot cropped“… my professional accomplishments seem to be on an accelerated track that I fully credit to your events.”

Thank you for another fabulous Creative Arts Business Summit. This was my third CABS and, along with my one year Mastermind group, want to applaud you for creating such dynamic, safe and creative environments to focus on my brilliance. It’s not always easy to step away from work, but the time and money is so well spent. Since attending CABS, seems each year my business focus becomes more acute and energetic.  In fact, my professional accomplishments seem to be on an accelerated track that I fully credit to your events. Thank you for sharing your brilliance, your knowledge and enriching my professional confidence.

Rhonda Pierce, Marketing Director &

If you are accepted into the Creative Arts Business Academy, you will also have the option to add private coaching with me. I hope you will consider this opportunity and apply to be a part of this wonderful group of women who’ve already decided this is their time!


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The application deadline is May 1.

Our Mastermind begins that day, so don’t delay. You don’t want to miss a thing!

I can’t wait to have you join me for this terrific high-content, high-value program!